Brakes, Shocks and Struts

June 17th, 2011

Brakes pricing:


Front Disk Brakes $135.95*
Rear Drum Brakes $75.95*
Rear Disk Brakes





Front Disk Brakes 2wd $135.95*
Front Disk Brake 4wd w/pop off rotors $135.95*
Front Disk Brakes 4wd w/lock outs Call
Rear Drum Brakes 1/2 ton $75.95*
Rear Drum Brakes 3/4 ton w/pop off drums $75.95*
Rear Drum Brakes 3/4 ton w/bolt on drums Call


*All prices are subject to change without notice, call store or Email us for current prices.


Shocks and Struts Pricing:


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Car Shocks


OEM Gas Charged 29.95
Sensatrac 49.95
Specialty CALL


Truck Shocks


OEM Gas Charged 39.95
Sensatrac 59.95
Reflex 69.95
Gas Magnum 69.95


Struts are priced by car type. Please Call for pricing.


Oil Changes featuring Valvoline oil.  ($29.95)

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