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August 24th, 2015

10 Reasons to Let Mechanics Do Your Oil Changes

Oil changes are important, and there is no doubt that regular auto maintenance will extend the life of your car and keep it running for years longer than it might without.  If you are even a little mechanically inclined, you can probably handle your own oil changes, but there are several reasons to have auto repair professionals do it for you.

Oil Changes are Cheap Messy Maintenance

1. Paying for an oil change is extremely cost effective, because the oil and filters will cost more than $20 even if you do it yourself. Because auto repair shops buy in quantity, they get a great deal on those items and the mark-up is minimal. In fact, it is really a way for an auto repair shop to get you in the door and build a relationship with you, in case you ever need bigger repairs.

2. Mechanics are trained to recognize problems and malfunctions of other systems of your vehicle that you may not catch. Taking your vehicle to the same place a few times a year for routine oil changes lets them familiarize themselves with your car. They will be able to see wear on parts and belts that you might miss, and direct you as to whether it is something they will need to watch, or if it needs immediate repair. A trustworthy mechanic will give you the most cost effective options, and a real timeline as to the urgency of your auto repairs.

3. While you are getting your oil changed, a mechanic will also check other fluids and top them off if needed, in most cases. Depending on the fluids needed, some may be topped off free of charge.

4. If some fluids are low and should not be burned, a good mechanic may see the cause, or leak and be able to diagnose it without an extra trip.

5. Finding impending problems before they cause real problems could save you money on additional repairs. When it comes to car problems, one thing leads to another. If one part fails it can cause a domino effect, a safety hazard, or even an explosion.

6. Your time is worth something too. An oil change is cheap and important, but if you drop your vehicle off at a trusted mechanic for an hour, you can make good use of that time completing other important tasks, or enjoying a drink with a buddy. Your mechanic can do the job faster and more efficiently because they have more experience.

7. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Most household tasks do not require your clothes to get as dirty as changing oil. Spills cause stains on your garage floor. By bringing your car to a mechanic for an oil change, you can keep your home and yourself clean and pristine.

8. The right tools are important, and while they may not cost much, an auto repair shop already has them. It’s a couple less tools to take up garage space, and you would need a set of ramps, a filter wrench, funnel, oil drain pan, and a box end or socket wrench.

9. Waste Oil, YUCK! Who wants to dispose of that greasy mess, or just store it. You cannot just throw waste oil in the trash. It is toxic and flammable, and there is usually a disposal fee. Consider yourself lucky to let your mechanic take care of it for you.

10. Some auto repair shops are will do a free tire rotation or at least keep a schedule of when it needs to be done for you. This is important when it comes to your tire warranty.

So Just Hire a Mechanic

Build a relationship with a mechanic before you really need their services, because in the end, when a big repair comes up, they may be more willing to work with you on financing, urgency of completion, and you will trust your regular mechanic to take care of you auto repair needs.

5 Seasons Tire can handle all your auto repair needs, from oil changes and tires to brake work and engine repair. Make an appointment today, and hand over the oily rage to someone you can trust.

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