Money-saving Car Tips for Holiday Travel

November 30th, 2015

Saving Money on Holiday Trips

If you’re like most people, you will be putting more miles on the car during the holiday season than you typically budget. With these money-saving car tips, you don’t have to break the bank. When and how you drive can be as important as making sure your car is in dependable condition when long car trips are a must.

Some car maintenance practices and driving tips get overlooked. Others are just unknown to many drivers. Saving a few cents here and there can add up on a long trip to grandmother’s house!

1.)    Slow Down – For every 5 mph you reduce you save up to 7% on fuel.

2.)    Check Your Air Filter – A clean filter can help your car run more efficiently and improve gas mileage by nearly 10%.

3.)    Pump Up Your Tires - Make sure tires are in good shape and properly filled. Cold Iowa weather will make tires deflate a little, but the right tire pressure can save you gas money, and the possibility of a flat.

4.)    Tire Alignment – Badly aligned tires can wear your tires out faster, but also forces your car’s engine to work harder, so get it straight.

5.)    Choose Your Travel Time Wisely – Stop-and-go-traffic can cause your engine to run less efficiently, and make you keep your car on for a longer period of time. Avoid busy traffic time like rush hour and lunch hour, and be cognizant of any sporting events or concerts that may be taking place in larger cities. This could save time as well as money.

6.)    Lay off the Brakes – Riding the brakes is bad for gas mileage, and it wears down your brake pads. It may cost you an expensive trip to an auto repair shop, and up to a 35% increase in fuel consumption.

7.)    Lighten the Load – If you are headed out for a week-long trip, you probably don’t need to bring the whole house. Consider packing lighter and washing in the middle of the week, and limit the size and weight of gifts when possible. Every 100 lbs. of extra junk in the trunk can cost 2% in fuel efficiency.

8.)    Routine Oil Change – Make sure the routine maintenance on your car or truck is up to date for a more efficiently running vehicle.

If you need to make sure your car is ready for that long holiday drive, call 5 Seasons Tire at 319-366-7683.

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